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35 days of BL manga! – Day 24: The best BL manga oneshot

Ugh, so difficult. See, I have to choose between Pokerface, NightS, Don’t Stay Gold and Ushirosugata no Natsu no Neko and some other one-shots from collections. Sigh, I am going to stay with the last one because that’s what feels like it right now.

There is a cute cat too

Ushirosugata no Natsu no Neko is an extra story in Mimitabu no Riyuu manga. I am choosing it right now because it felt very complete and it left me with a nice feeling. There is a bit of mystery here and a lot of cuteness from supernatural misunderstandings. The man who acted like a cat won my heart 😉

35 days of BL manga! – Day 23: The best long BL manga series

Oh yep, let’s change the subject to a brighter one. Hmm Haru wo Daiteita again? No, there is actually a looong title that I love more, even when it’s shounen-ai. That’s the amazing Silver Diamond. I want to read more and more about this so much!

They all are handsome...extra points for that!

The story is great and really interesting; a well played fantasy. The characters are well elaborated (and attractive ahem!). There are cute, sad, hilarious and dangerous moments. The art looks sort of calm and beautiful in its own way. Rakan is so cute and strong. Chigusa is the best male character ever (sigh), strong, mysterious, sweet, teasing and even a heart-breaker. And even Kou has place in my heart, such a playful, tiny cutesy of a snake.

35 days of BL manga! – Day 22: a BL manga you wish didn’t exist

Hmm, I think I’ll take a turn here and answer the question as a BL manga I wish I hadn’t seen. And that one is  Okane ga Nai.

Doesn’t he look like a little girl? really weird body proportions?. I just tried watching the first minutes from the anime and had to run away from it. I don’t like the art, nor the characters and even less the fact that rape=love was pretty predictable. It seems I saved myself from a whole lot of abuse, tears, an almost shota uke and a gorilla seme. XD

35 days of BL manga! – Day 21: A BL manga that deserves more recognition

I would say anything by Est Em, Yamashita Tomoko, Jaryuu Dokuro, Kunieda Saika, basso…and probably a huge bunch of old school BL that I would love to read but I can’t because I don’t know Japanese that well. Same goes for all the great new authors; I guess that those will come around someday (hopeful). All of them deserve more recognition.

There are several stories, this is the first

However, for now I’ll answer with a work that deserves a bit of attention: Bannin. This is a collection of one-shots, most of them are disturbing or twisted and the final one is probably the funniest thing I have read in BL, a really crazy story with the characteristic wacko+cute humor of Kunieda Saika; it was probably intended as a gag, or not? The best incest I have read is in one of these stories  too :D. I avoided this manga for a long time thanks to the cover. Don’t be like me…I think the cover is ugly (XD) but the rest of it looks extremely beautiful.

35 days of BL manga! – Day 20: A BL manga that would make a great porno

I don’t think I have to explain this one that much. Probably any work from Sadahiro Mika would do. Yep, it pretty much feels like porn to me already…I don’t know why, after all, I am sure there are even harder yaois out there. Read the review made by Geisha if you want to know a bit more about this.

Yes, i know you are wondering where is his hand. These guys are mostly walking sex.

35 days of BL manga! – Day 19: A BL manga you would like to see a live-action drama of

Honestly, I don’t watch live-action dramas. I just thought I should pick a random BL for this day but then Arashi no Ato came to my mind. I would like to see this adapted only and only if there is a proper actor to interpret Sakaki.

The colored art is so beautiful

Okada just needs to be attractive, Sakaki needs the whole attitude. He is sexy, diligent, smart, successful and has an obsession with personal care&appearances. To top it all he has a difficult personality; he is blunt and pretty harsh sometimes, he doesn’t like to be attached, and he still manages to come out as such a sexy gay man (is it just me thinking this way?). Okada is also sexy, in a different way, but Arashi no Ato seems to be more focused in Sakaki, so it’s great that we have the opportunity to know him better in the sequel, Double Line. Why a drama about this manga?…Because I love it! hahah. No, seriously, this is a pretty simple story, not over-dramatic and without most of the BL cliches that we find around  (I don’t remember if there at least one right now). A gay, and very practical, man falls in love, against his strongest principle, with a straight one. Then we see him struggling to get out of the mess before it’s too late…he is angry about it, very angry, but things don’t go the way he wants them to. Somehow the story seemed pretty realistic to me, most of the time at least; it wouldn’t be that hard to make it a live-action and it’s not explicit either. I just want to see a real life Sakaki…! yeah!. Besides, suits always add sexiness, and don’t forget about Sakaki’s cool glasses please do more meganes sensei.

35 days of BL manga! – Day 18: A BL manga that has great art but you didn’t like it

Oh my, I spent so much time trying to remember this mangaka’s name. Tennouji Mio is one of the few authors whose art I love enough to finish the not so good stories. I picked up Kibun wa Joujou! because it is probably the one that irks me the most.

I did like the art of this one

That uke is so freaking meek and such a crybaby! (in a non-cute way for me)  sigh. Besides you could probably find every yaoi cliche here, not very well played. Honestly, I don’t remember it that well, just that I like the art a lot (yes I tend to forget the things I dislike). The only title I really like from this mangaka is Wild Darling and I’m still wondering why XD — probably the smex?. Now I have to go check the ones I haven’t read hehehe.

35 days of BL manga! – Day 17: A BL manga that has art you don’t like but you still enjoyed it

thought about using The Man of Tango for this one, but nanpa went ahead of me here and talked about exactly the same reasons why I love it. Besides, now that I think about it I like Okadaya Tetsuzou’s art style more than Higashi Nishida’s.


He is such a twisted but alluring character


As a result my answer ended up being Tenshi no Uta, a manga that I absolutely adore even when the art style is not that appealing for me. What can I say? Higashi Nishida is a goddess too, and she has a gift for disturbed men it seems. Chris as scary as fascinating and sexy, so I can completely understand Michel’s interest in him. Chris is also like a child sometimes, very disturbing others. How can I not love  this twisted story? In fact I seem to love everything this mangaka creates, even if I couldn’t like her that much at first because of the art.

35 days of BL manga! – Day 16: A BL manga you started out enjoying but ended up not liking as much

Well, I don’t think I have to explain that much about Lucky-kun, we all know there is going to be a tragic ending, but you are never prepared to the shit that’s going to come to you lol.

Weird hair uh?

I loved Lucky-kun, a lot, until I got to that point. There are in fact 2 endings for this, I think it happened because the fans were very unsatisfied and Takaguchi Satosumi decided to do an alternative one. Nevertheless, after reading the bad one I couldn’t just overlook it. And to think this was my very first try on “incest” (they are step brothers), it’s not surprising that I still don’t feel that excited about these type of stories.

35 days of BL manga! – Day 15: A BL manga that you disliked at first but came to enjoy later on

Yes, I quite disliked Finder Series the first time I tried to read it. Truth is I was just starting to read BL at that time, so I wasn’t really prepared for what happens in the very first chapter of this story.

Instant thought: Sexy!!!

When my innocent mind (XD) saw all that abuse I felt a bit angry, because I had already seen a lot of those rape/love plots and this had somehow a more ruthless nature. I was kind of expecting Akihito to fall in love after that hahaha, and I didn’t stay to feel even angrier about the nature of rape in yaoi. I gave another chance to it only after I had read a lot of BLs and got used to the overuse of rape in the genre. This is not quite case for Finder Series, but even now that I like the series a lot (great sex, an interesting plot, no whiny uke ^^), I feel a bit of resentment about those details. In my opinion Akihito is strong but too forgiving ^^’ Not like he could do anything against Asami…