35 days of BL manga! – Day 05: A BL manga you would recommend to everyone

Yep, another featured manga on the AGUY club. Well, when you say everyone I assume that we are talking about people that read BL (I can’t recommend BL to close friends or family), because this manga has its fair amount of explicitness and sex scenes. Hey! but that’s not the only reason why I recommend it.

Looking good

Haru wo Daiteita has everything a BL needs. The fact that it is a long series helps a lot! We have unrequited love, gay-only-for-you (lol), family problems, misunderstandings with third parties involved, moving together and marriage, all kind of positions :D, reversi couple (just great), outdoors experiences haha, a bit of drama and angst, lots of cute moments, funny moments, a bit of BDSM, non-con (not exactly rape) and other couples. Above all these two are really equally standing and strong-willed men :D.


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