35 days of BL manga! – Day 06: A BL manga you wish to see more of

Another difficult choice!! God, there are a bunch of stories that make me want to dig for more, for example Seven Days, The Man of Tango, Arashi no Ato can’t get enough of Sakaki, Don’t Stay Gold&Tadayoedo, the second story from Hand Which, Ikenai Otoko…and I picked up Akanai Tobira or The Door to the Closed Mind ( I love this name even in English). By the wya, I am talking about the title story; Suzuki Tsuta, you are torturing me with those one-shots that always leave me wanting more.

Both of them are sexy in their own way

Why did I choose this one? Well, thanks to the characters, especially Usui; he is probably the most alluring jerk I have seen around. Masuoka is great too, he might act so meek but he is truly lascivious. I have to listen to the drama cd again when I get some time! ^^
“You want this, inside you?” >>> this might cause a lot of fujoshis to swoon and melt, apparently. Probably the dirtiest story from our beloved Suzuki Tsuta.


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