35 days of BL manga! – Day 11: Two BL mangaka or authors you wish would do a collaboration

I just have to post my two favorite mangakas here hehe. Suzuki Tsuta and Yoneda Kou. I thought about several others but the thing is every mangaka has their own style; a collaboration is a difficult thing to do without losing their especial signature. For example, I would like to see Kyuugo‘s art everywhere, but the truth is I’m not sure if, say, a Higashi Nishida story would look good with that art hehe. You see, her art is ugly (no offense here) but it is her signature, her style, and it has become the perfect and most beautiful one for her stories ♥, you could say the same about Yoshinaga Fumi. Then, I’ll stick with my two favorite ones for a collaboration, because they are kind of similar. I can just picture a story with Suzuki Tsuta’s funny characters and fresh humor plus Yoneda Kou’s sexy/dangerous characters and the tension. Now that would be something! My craziest impossible wish would be that they combined the best points of each art style, but since that’s not possible I would love to see  either of them do the drawings!


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