35 days of BL manga! – Day 15: A BL manga that you disliked at first but came to enjoy later on

Yes, I quite disliked Finder Series the first time I tried to read it. Truth is I was just starting to read BL at that time, so I wasn’t really prepared for what happens in the very first chapter of this story.

Instant thought: Sexy!!!

When my innocent mind (XD) saw all that abuse I felt a bit angry, because I had already seen a lot of those rape/love plots and this had somehow a more ruthless nature. I was kind of expecting Akihito to fall in love after that hahaha, and I didn’t stay to feel even angrier about the nature of rape in yaoi. I gave another chance to it only after I had read a lot of BLs and got used to the overuse of rape in the genre. This is not quite case for Finder Series, but even now that I like the series a lot (great sex, an interesting plot, no whiny uke ^^), I feel a bit of resentment about those details. In my opinion Akihito is strong but too forgiving ^^’ Not like he could do anything against Asami…


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