Review: Finder No Hyouteki [Finder Series]

Finder No Hyouteki is about the freelancer photojournalist Takaba Akihito, a high-spirited young man that is always fighting to achieve his dreams, to find the shots that would prompt him to be a professional in the future. Akihito always tries his best with a positive mind, which is a really good quality, until it gets him too involved where he shouldn’t have been. His carelessness, while trying to catch politicians doing dirty businesses, almost got him murdered by one of the big shots of the underworld, Asami Ryuichi. However, in a display of even more of that careless behaviour he managed to scape from this dangerous man and the easy punishment.

Asami is not a man to joke with and when he finds a suitable prey to tame there are no means to escape from him; Akihito will get an even more humiliating punishment from the yakuza leader and thanks to his stubbornness he will never be able to get away from Asami’s grasp. If you don’t like BDSM things and violence or are strongly against rape, even if it is kind of “justified” in the plot, you should avoid this story. If that’s not the case welcome and enjoy the thrill!

Finder Series is basically an action story. I mean a sexy action yaoi story. And that’s pretty much it. The charm of it resides in the twists, the danger, and the rush. There is no pink here, only some humorous situations; and when you think you are seeing love it is the hard version of it, or the desire to posses. I would strongly disagree with this kind of sadistic and unfeeling relationship if it wasn’t so nicely portrayed, as the perfectly fitting cat and mouse game for these complicated and strong men.

It is only in the later stages of the story that we (and the characters) start wondering about the nature of their feelings. Their relationship started like a game of power, then desire and it’s probably evolving to something more after so much near-to-death situations that bring out the things that really matter to surface.

As mentioned above, the plot is action driven, with a rather common abuse at the beginning, and later it develops into a mafia war. Fairly interesting and absorbing, even with a lot of sex scenes it manages to have a story to support most of them and get you interested in it. I think that’s quite an accomplishment, a BL that is not only about the relationship (or sex) but what happens around it too.

Yamano Ayane has a really stylized art, not really uncommon but you can recognize it most of the times; always clean designs, elaborated backgrounds, beautiful characters, detailed clothes/hair, and nice facial expressions. Sometimes you would think that the characters look too “perfect”, with well defined muscles and no hair! I would call it sexy art. The erotic scenes can be considered explicit, even when they might seem average most of the times; some feature BDSM, and others have very explicit details like blood. Besides there are some non consensual ones and pretty much all of them go straight to the point. The colored art is great by the way; the mangaka knows how to make really beautiful pieces and has improved significantly over the years, her art books are just great. The funny scenes, on the other hand, change the style a bit, making the characters look cuter.

The characters might seem kind of transparent at the beginning but they get more and more complex as the story progresses. You would think that Akihito is just a simple, cheerful and idealist brat while Asami is a ruthless yakuza boss that has to dominate everything and everyone, but there is even more to it than the eye meets, and that’s only perceived in subtle actions or expressions throughout the story. There are some parts, though, where I truly don’t understand Akihito’s behavior and wish he wasn’t so… Forgiving? Lustful? Makes one doubt about how unique is his relationship with Asami.

On an extra note, this couple is certainly not equally standing from what we can see; Asami would be top of the tops seriously! While Akihito keeps trying really hard to keep his manly pride in front of such a strong man. Besides, we mostly know about Akihito’s personality and just a bit of Asami’s, he doesn’t talk much and he has a lot of secrets; Akihito keeps wondering what’s behind that iron mask and is always trying hard to equal his strength, to surpass him. We will hopefully see more of this in future chapters.

Finder Series is a really exciting story about power, desire and a really complex relationship in a dangerous environment. If you like drama, sexy men with guns and elegant figures with a bit more spice in the explicitness area this should be one of your favorites. We even have a malicious super sexy longhaired Chinese nemesis that almost, just almost, equals Asami in power and presence. A lot of wicked characters and some that are not exactly what they look like.

I don’t consider this a masterpiece, rather a must read in this genre, but I even have enjoyed re-reading parts of this story once in a while. It is great to find a manga that has more than two volumes and an interesting plot, besides the extra stories would make another nice mangas on their own; definitely looking forward to the rest of the trip, without a single clue about how these two will manage and how Akihito would grasp his mysterious partner’s heart.

Original art and story by Yamane Ayano. Fan art by nakamatachi. Publishing in Japan by Libre Shuppan. Licensed in English by DMP.

Buy in English:Finder Vol. 1, Finder Vol. 2
Buy in Japanese: Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3, Vol. 4, Vol. 5 (ongoing)

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