Review: Kyuuso wa Cheese no Yume wo Miru

I’ll start posting the reviews I have made so far here 😉 and the first one is about a Mizushiro Setona’s BL that I rewieved for the AGUY club as a first Special Read: Kyuuso wa Cheese no Yume wo Miru.

When it comes to the yaoi genre I usually don’t hold high expectations story-wise, you can surely find new twists or interesting details out of the classic stereotypes, but apart from that, it is too often that all the elements seem to revolve around only one thing: sex. Well, this story is not like that at all. This manga is not your usual yaoi. It was beyond all of my expectations to the point that it surprised me, in a really good way 

The set-up is something I have seen before countless times: sempai meets kouhai from old days, kouhai is in love with sempai since a long time ago without telling, kouhai uses sempai actual weakness and blackmails him with the “I want your body in exchange…” demand. After that, things are not quite simple; this is a deep story where the feelings of the characters are really well conveyed to the reader, you are allowed to see their struggles, their hesitations and the implications of such a difficult situation as a homosexual falling deeply in love with a straight man that doesn’t feel anything in return. Nor love, neither sex are given facts here, everything happens after a proper development of the characters feelings or train of thought, and even those intimate situations remind you that things aren’t really simple when it comes to love between the same gender.
The dialogues are just brilliant, after reading another stories from the mangaka I would say that this one has a hint of her psychological streak. Mizushiro Setona did really well with this story, I consider this the best yaoi so far, and maybe this is the result of the work of such experienced mangaka. The characters are real, you can see their good points, their bad points and the way they improve, the way they make mistakes and go on ahead, their feelings…and you can really sympathize with them. Besides that, both of them act actually like will not find the stereotype of the seme/uke here that makes you think that is actually a woman and not a man what you are seeing.

The art is no big deal, but I find it nicely done, Mizushiro Setona has her own style which has improved a lot with time, and although it looks a bit odd at the beginning, it gives kind of calming sensation later, she really knows how to portray emotions, not only in words but also with the characters expressions, my only complain about the art is that some characters look a lot like others, that is all. Everything else compensates it.

So…If you like really nicely done stories, stories that make you think, while keeping you really interested; stories that talk about actual love and its development in a good pace, while reminding you what it really feels to be in love, and the hardships of trying to convey it when it is unrequited; and besides that you like yaoi, well, this is the perfect choice for you.

Original art and story by Mizushiro Setona. Artwork by anjichan. Published in Japan by Shogakukan. This review was made for the AGUY Special Read.

Buy the Japanese books in Amazon: Kyuuso wa Cheese no Yume wo Miru and the sequel Sojou no Koi wa Nido Haneru


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