35 days of BL manga! – Day 26: A BL manga you would never buy

I might be a very superficial person, because I judge by the cover, and if I see one like in Lost Boys I would want to run away from it. If convinced I might try it out, however, just seeing it around I can’t bring myself to get interested in it.

Don't get me started on the hairstyle...

I have no idea if this story is good or not, but he looks like a kid and that somehow creeps me out. Besides, I don’t like the art-style. There are lots of BLs that feature this sort of characters that could be 20 years old but still look like a 10 year.  Although I might have read an enjoyed some of them I still can’t get over my instinctive reaction. There is a kid being molested here!

Sent by the Lost Boys to find them a father, the impish Air settles upon the first open window he could find. The window happens to be Mizuki’s, who is forcibly whisked away to Neverland. Finding out that he is now supposed to play “father” to the Lost Boys, Mizuki is incensed. However, forced to stay put, he gets to know the Lost Boys – and Air – a little better. Perhaps a little too well as Mizuki finds that he is helplessly falling in love with the boy.Staying true to the boys’ love genre, readers will find Lost Boys’ soft and sensitive storyline to be quite a delightful surprise. This is Peter Pan…yaoi style!

5 responses to “35 days of BL manga! – Day 26: A BL manga you would never buy

  1. lol I own this. In my defense, I got it dirt cheap when jpqueen was still in business since it looked like a fantasy BL title. You can’t win it all~

  2. Hope you don’t mind my cut-in: this book in general is shounen-ai, especially between the two protagonists. There’s love feeling slowly growing between them, but that’s all, and Mizuki at the end is back to his own world.
    The story is not impressive indeed, but not that extrememly bad either. It’s sort of like a ‘warm up’ book for those who’d like to give Shounen-ai/Yaoi genre a try.

    • Not at all 🙂
      I didn’t know about that because I’m really judging this book by the cover. But I appreciate your info about it being an introduction title for BL ^^ might have to check it out for future posts.

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