35 Days of BL manga-Day 31: least favorite overused BL manga plot device

This might sound very specific but it’s actually a formula: super rich and good-looking man sweeps a young and naive one from his feet, not in a good sense. The naive guy is usually a new employee or just a kindhearted one that’s very clumsy/shy and admires the self-assured boss, who is usually a jackass, if not a seemingly nice person until he decides he has to rape the other just because he thinks he has the right to. Oh, and don’t forget the part where the victim falls in love with this piece of work without even putting out a fight, even after seeing his idol get worse and worse in his eyes. I guess the use of the word love justifies it all. Right now I can remember a title that represents this perfectly, but I’m reading The Lonely Egotist and after the first chapter it seems to be going that way…I hope I didn’t predict it right.

4 responses to “35 Days of BL manga-Day 31: least favorite overused BL manga plot device

  1. you just made an unofficial summary of the lonely egoist. XD
    ironically enough, i own that bl novel. lol.

    • Hahah I have it in eManga and I’m still reading it. Sigh, there are so many stories like this that I end up enjoying them in a strange way, I mean, like it was a parody haha

      • lol. I don’t know why I liked it. lol. To be shamefully honest, I think it was just the smut scenes. I’d never read any before. 😛 Do you know of any other bl novels? They tend not to be translated like regular yaoi manga, ya know?

        Just what is emanga though? I hear about it. You have to pay for it though, yah?

      • Haha is that your first novel?
        My favorite novel is S, from Aida Saki.
        Ai no Kusabi is also pretty good.
        The Man who Doesn’t Take his Clothes off is a very standard story, unlike the previous two it doesn’t have a deep plot, but it’s really sexy!
        And that’s about the ones I can remember. The last good one I read is Love Water, I made a review here.
        And eManga is the online site of DMP, Juné, 801 media, DokiDoki and even some Blu mangas. Yes, you have to pay, but it’s not much. There are even some nice deals. I’m a reviewer for them since a month ago or so 😉

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