Fujoshi Baton

I received the baton from Fuuko and couldn’t say no haha. She was very convincing. And somehow these questions are way easier than the 35 days of BL meme that I still have to finish. Oh well, eventually I will…


(When did you become an otaku (non-yaoi) and a Fujoshi (yaoi)? Answer each respectively.)

Well, I started watching anime when I was 10 years old. Maybe less. I remember I used to love shows like Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball and Slam Dunk. Then I really got into Rurouni Kenshin, Sakura Card Captors and maybe a few others available in my cable package. It’s been less than 2 years since I started reading BL and it didn’t take much for me to become a fujoshi haha.

(What was the first series you liked slash for? Please tell the couple.)

I’m not a slash lover, really. It’s difficult for me to appreciate fan works that kind of break the original path of the stories. I think I’ve only read Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Djs and that’s because those were made by Yoneda Kou. I couldn’t stop myself.

(What was your first actual BL series?)

Junjou Romantica. First the anime and then the manga. I remember it was such a new and exciting thing for me. Now I think it’s an average story and kind of enjoyable, with a well done anime, considering the messy art-style of the manga (even so I read it).

(What is the first BL game you played?)

I haven’t played any. I think my PC would die. Besides, I get many interruptions in my room. From my parents.

(What’s the first BL drama CD you bought?)

I haven’t bought any.

(When was your first doujin event debut?)

I have never been to a doujin event.

(Do you have a doujin site?*)

Whaa…of course not haha.


(Concerning the ‘seme’: Assign them to your preferences.
[◎=Something I love!、○=Like relatively well、△=Don’t like very much、×= give me a break!])

オヤジ (older men) → ○
ショタ (shota) → ×
鬼畜 (brutish) → △
強引 (pushy) → ○
へたれ (pitiful) → ◎
ワンコ (devoted) → ○
ワイルド (wild) → ◎
ツンデレ (tsundere) → ○
不器用 (awkward) → ◎
メガネ (glasses) → ◎


(Concerning the ‘uke’: Assign them to your preferences.
[◎=Something I love!、○=Like relatively well、△=Don’t like very much、×=give me a break!]

オヤジ (older men) → ○
ショタ (shota) → ×
女王様 (queen-type) → ◎
誘い受 (‘inviting’ type) → ◎!
襲い受 (‘top’ type) → ◎
ワンコ (devoted) → ○
ワイルド (wild) → ◎
ツンデレ (tsundere) → ○
けなげ (pure) → △
メガネ (glasses) → ○


(Concerning the writing style and situation: Assign them to your preferences.
[◎=Something I love!、○=Like relatively well、△=Don’t like very much、×=give me a break!]

アホアホ (idiots) → ○
ダーク (dark) → ○
リーマンもの (salary men) → ○
学園もの (school setting) → ○
幼馴染み (childhood friends) → ◎
主従もの (master/servant) → ○
時代物 (period drama) → △
ファンタジー (fantasy) → ○
総ホモ (100% homo) → ◎
複数プレイ (threesome, etc.) → ○
リバ (role reversal) → ◎!
下克上 (‘subordinate overtaking superior’) → ◎
女体化 (feminization) → △
方言 (dialect) → △ (ehh this is an actual situation?! Perhaps it’s slang that I don’t know…)
年の差 (large age difference) → ○


(Please tell us the hottest coupling setup, in your opinion!
i.e. no-good type x queen, superior x subordinate, etc.)

Awkward x Inviting. Childhood friends. Feminine or even Okama seme. I’m not sure if it was there but a suave type of seme would be nice with a top-like uke. Best of all, those easy going/cute/apparently meek characters that turn out to be tops to more aggressive ones (thank you Suzuki Tsuta)

(Please give a type that isn’t in the above list that makes you excited or dissatisfied!)

I’ll agree with the girl I stole this from–I really like ‘rival’ type affairs! Also delinquents or badass boys, like in Dog Style. One that I don’t like very much is kidnapper/rapist and the person they kidnapped or raped. Those ones don’t really do it for me. I also really dislike seme-type with long blond, wavey hair! I’m not sure why this is… I just can’t take them seriously.

Hahaha I agree with all of this. The long blond hair made me laugh so much. Aside from those, I like mysterious, easy-going semes. I mean, the sort of paceful, innocent guy that is actually very dangerous on the inside. And I can’t stand shota-like BL. I don’t like it. Maybe I can love hints of it, like a brotherly type of love (Super Lovers ^^) but I can’t associate little boys with sex. Just no.Another thing that makes me cringe and laugh at the same time are those mangas I’ve seen around about beast-like people. That furry doesn’t look sexy, seriously. And oh please, let the millionaire+innocent damsel in distress plots avoid my way, I’m really, really tired of them.


(Do you currently have any authors that you seek out to buy? (As many people as you want!))

Oh this might turn out as a very long list. Let’s see, I love this authors, some of them more than others: Suzuki Tsuta, Yoneda Kou, Asou Kai, Est Em, Nakamura Asumiko, Hidaka Shoko, Higashi Nishida, Motoni Modori, Kyuugou, Yukimura, Yamashita Tomoko, Yamamoto Kotetsuko, Okadaya Tetsuzoh, Takao Hiroi, Tachibana Venio, Yoshinaga Fumi, Yukimura, Inariya Fusanosuke, Takao Hiroi, Shoowa, Jaryuu Dokuro, Aniya Yuiji, Psyche Delico…

(Around how many of the BL monthy magazines do you buy?)

None. I get my news from Fuuko and Shin fufufu.

(Around how many BL comics do you buy each month?)

This is relative. Do review copies count? And I mostly buy e-copies or the shipping costs would own me. So, as much as I can read with my little time?


(Currently, what’s the ‘in’ genre (or work)?
Please talk about your thoughts on this trend.)

Hmm, I don’t think I know a lot about trends. So I’m going to shamelessly borrow Fuuko’s answers here. Let’s see, she talked about “uglycute”

I suppose this became popular due to the insane popularity of Aitsu no Daihonmei

Is this a trend? Well, I don’t really like it either.

Still on the rise as well is the ‘real gay’ type manga, which I am still loving and probably always will love. More and more mangaka seem to either have a real understanding of what gay people go through and have to deal with, or are at least educating themselves on the topic a bit more, and I find it a really refreshing step away from the whole “magically fell in love with some random guy regardless of previous sexual preferences” thing

I agree wholeheartedly with this one. Even when when reading manga might serve as a mean out of reality, realistic bits are very welcomed. Just not too real, please no more tragic stories!

I also like the rise in sex scenes that include conscientious use of condoms and lube haha.

Yes. I also love it when I see this details :D.

Another trend that I’m not so into at the moment though is gachimuchi, which I can kind of take or leave (depending on the hairiness of the characters lmfao)

This is the transition between yaoi and bara isn’t it? If that’s the case I like it, as long as the stories are good. For example, The Man of Tango or the one Shin brought my attention to, Kyokan Hunter. Sexy stuff.

【In Closing】

(Please name five people you’ll pass the baton to.)

Of course, to the manga habit since I’m always paying attention to her blog and recommendations. Also to The Kimi-chan experience, she probably would like to try it out. And the lovely girls in Blyme seem very dedicated to their yaoi! At last, maybe vomitdirt and Angie.


2 responses to “Fujoshi Baton

  1. Ha, that is fun 🙂

    I totally agree with you on loving those easy-going/cute characters that turn out to be more aggressive tops–Merry Checker really nailed a fantastic character type. I cannot wait for it to be released in tank form.

    And yeah, gachi muchi~ Great stuff—Kyokan Hunter is fantastic. We need more titles like that! I really enjoy it when BL authors take a shot at either making gachi muchi BL or gay comics (like in Nikutaiha). 😀

    I have a little more time as of this week, so I’ll see if I can come up with some answers. Sadly, I don’t remember some. My god, I’m senile already.

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