35 Days of BL manga-Day 28: a BL manga you read that was just plain weird

For a moment there I was thinking about Poison Cherry Drive (even if I love Motoni Modoru, that was too much weirdness for me) but wait a minute, there was an even weirder manga, by Yamato Nase, that involved…

Can't believe there are 3 vol... plus extras and drama CD...

Talking penises. Yep. There is no need to explain how weird Chintsubu is, amazingly it’s quite entertaining and completely hilarious of course. The story is about these four students that got some sort of spell on them so that their chinkos got personalities of their own…that happened to be from the other guy. The rest are the incredibly awkward and funny situations they find themselves in while living with their love interests in their pants. Got nothing more to say about this, still makes me laugh.


Nitta Youka’s Kiss Ariki and my regrets

For a while I’ve been interested in the new efforts that Libre Publishing is making to bring manga to the English speaking community. You might already know that they created a branch called Animate U.S.A that handles this publications and, for now, they seem to be publishing only for the Kindle. There are already a number of old titles available on Amazon, and also other nice and shiny additions like Nitta Youka’s new works. These mangas are being published chapter by chapter, which is great, because the foreign readers can get their hands faster in the issues that are published on Japaneses magazines. On the other hand, the price is around 5$ each one, which is really bad.

It's good to see Nitta working again

Oh well, it’s Nitta Youka! let’s try it out. And so I went and bought Kiss Ariki chapter one. Honestly, the chapter itself was pretty nice, two yakuza’s sons get secluded in a solitary island in order to protect themselves from an upcoming underworld war. Tohru has a very though personality and isn’t really happy about having to spend so much time alone with Mutsumi when he could be helping his father. Mutsumi on the other hand is a very smart man that doesn’t want to get involved in the yakuza world, but he seems to be oddly interested in Tohru. Not exactly an impressive plot, but I quite enjoy the art-style and this mangaka is creating some interesting characters again. Continue reading

35 days of BL manga! – Day 27: A BL manga you think is so brilliant it’s like literature

It’s extremely difficult to pick a manga for this day. It’s not like there are many brilliant-literature BLs around, but the ones that I can remember are really good for completely different reasons, making this a difficult choice. The first that came to my mind was Kyuuso wa Cheese no Yume o Miru, then Red Blinds the Foolish, also some specific one-shots made by Yamashita Tomoko in Black Winged Love and Bara no Hitomi wa Bakudan. In the end I decided that Endless World was the most fitting for the word brilliant here.

I consider this one a brilliant piece of literature because of the way the story was presented. There would be nothing unusual about a former delinquent being faced with his messy past, by an unexpected meeting, if it weren’t because of the well calculated flashbacks. It wouldn’t be that great to see a young man consumed by drugs either, if we weren’t allowed to have a glimpse of his mind in the moment he lost himself in a psychedelic world. And this story wouldn’t be so amazingly brilliant if the beginning of all were presented at first and not in the end how it happened. Gripping,  realistic, surprising, beautiful and saddening, that’s Endless World by Jaryuu Dokuro.

Completely opposite to her better known work Sugar Milk, Endless World would be an excellent choice for licensing; I think Jaryuu Dokuro has already proven that she deserves more love.

And Action! – Double Cast Review

Double Cast – ダブルキャスト
Mizutashi Takana, Mamahara Ellie.
2007 – Shinshokan. 2010 – DokiDoki.
Genre (s): Drama, Yaoi
USA: Vol 1, Rent it (Coming soon)
Rating: 16+

Yuki Yamamuro: he’s a star who’s blessed with such talent that no one can take their eyes off him. Yuki tries to trick mitsuru sawaki, who yuki’s “occasional lover” and producer otaki has his sights on. However, the seemingly innocent Sawaki actually gets the jump on him, and they end up costarring in the same drama. The curtain has just been raised on this game of love between two men who have their pride at stake!

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35 days of BL manga! – Day 26: A BL manga you would never buy

I might be a very superficial person, because I judge by the cover, and if I see one like in Lost Boys I would want to run away from it. If convinced I might try it out, however, just seeing it around I can’t bring myself to get interested in it.

Don't get me started on the hairstyle...

I have no idea if this story is good or not, but he looks like a kid and that somehow creeps me out. Besides, I don’t like the art-style. There are lots of BLs that feature this sort of characters that could be 20 years old but still look like a 10 year.  Although I might have read an enjoyed some of them I still can’t get over my instinctive reaction. There is a kid being molested here! Continue reading

35 days of BL manga! – Day 25: A non-BL series that you wish was BL

What can I say? It had to be Banana Fish. There are a lot of implications in this story and some might say this is shounen-ai…but seriously, it is not. I wish it were, with all my heart. Most of the times I don’t feel like pairing random characters around if I’m not reading/watching BL. Sometimes it happens because…well, there are a lot of hints around (yes Saraiya Goyou, I’m talking about you).


I never wished more for a manga to become BL as I did with this one. There is a certain detail here that doesn’t let us imagine it could happen at all unless the story changed. Oh well, at least I can keep my IchixMasa fantasies alive…


Nature made Ash Lynx beautiful; nurture made him a cold ruthless killer. A runaway brought up as the adopted heir and sex toy of “Papa” Dino Golzine, Ash, now at the rebellious age of seventeen, forsakes the kingdom held out by the devil who raised him. But the hideous secret that drove Ash’s older brother mad in Vietnam has suddenly fallen into Papa’s insatiably ambitious hands–and it’s exactly the wrong time for Eiji Okamura, a pure-hearted young photographer from Japan, to make Ash Lynx’s acquaintance… (Viz)

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Review: Love Full of Scars

Love Full of Scars

Psyche Delico.
2008 – Tokyo Mangasha. 2009 – Netcomics
Genre: Comedy, Drama, School Life, Yaoi
Buy: USA , Rent it
Rating: 18+

Love Full of Scars by Delico Psyche follows some of the rougher, odder, and even taboo relationships known to the yaoi genre.
The stories in Love Full of Scars tell of both the physical and emotional marks that tough love can leave on a person.

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Review: Dash!

Dash! – ダッシュ!
Natsume Isaku. 2006. Ookura Shuppan. Juné.
GENRE (S): Comedy, Drama, School Life, Yaoi
JPN: Volume 1 (C) | USA: Volume 1 (C) , Kindle (C), Rent it (C)

Akimoto entered the judo club because he was a huge fan of Saitoh. But all that was waiting for him was a daily life being an errand boy. Things liven up when Akimoto finds out that Saitoh has a deep, deep secret?! Don’t miss this charming volume of pure love between a cute boy and an ideal man, and of a devilish cousin’s anguish at the mercy of a beauty.

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Review: Arashi no Ato & Double Line

Arashi no Ato -After the Storm- by Hidaka Shouko is a sequel of sorts to Signal, by the same author. However, this time the story is about the really interesting and seemingly obnoxious character we caught only a glimpse of before; the president of an interior design company, and friend of the previous main characters, Sakaki Masahiko.


We would always like to think that we have control over ourselves, especially when it comes to our feelings. Of course, most of the times things don’t turn out exactly the way we want them to in that area. There are also those occasions when a conviction takes form on its own, completely ignoring the conscious mind, and you can find yourself wondering if there isn’t someone else sharing your inner boat. It can be a surprising, refreshing, or even dazzling feeling, to find oneself attracted to someone you are not supposed to; it can be a really bothersome issue too…which is exactly our the case for Sakaki. Continue reading

Review: Dog Style

Teru Chiaki and Miki Terayama are high school students who belong to different years but, somehow, happen to constantly stumble upon each other in some pretty unusual situations. It’s not like they are fighting together; since the odds are against them, it’s more like they are running from danger together. Chiaki and Miki aren’t friends, so they are quite amused finding out that their very best friends are actually brothers. That aside, those very best friends are exactly the reason why these two feel so lonely as to not care if they have to share their hideout anymore.

Unexpectedly, Chiaki, the delinquent, and Miki, his promiscuous sempai, become buddies in the midst of danger and loneliness. They feel at ease with the other and their time together is the perfect scape from their difficult  situations. Soon, in what seems the most logical next step, their games take fooling around to the next step; Miki and Chiaki have become sex buddies.
This story is funny, a bit violent, sexy and sometimes a bit sad. Add to that the fact that this is an equally standing couple, with a manly uke and probably the shortest seme around; now we have the perfect recipe for an unique yaoi. Not only that, there is a fair amount of humor and some fights that throw a shounen feeling to the mix. This is indeed the perfect example of a good school delinquent’s yaoi; sometimes you are having so much fun that you might forget that there was a pretty steamy sex scene around the corner.
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