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35 Days of BL manga-Day 30: favorite overused BL manga plot device

Hana wa Saku ka

Enemies that actually love each other is probably my favorite overused setting. Also, the unsuspected love interest from someone that seems to be just a mere friend. But the first one is the best for me, like in Shiranai Kao, where the two main characters seem to be unable to stand each other but are actually hiding some feelings. Hana wa Sakuka has a similar feeling to it, they couldn’t stand each other but something develops slowly. It seems Hidaka Shouko has a way with these stories. Now if only this beauty were licensed…

Review: Arashi no Ato & Double Line

Arashi no Ato -After the Storm- by Hidaka Shouko is a sequel of sorts to Signal, by the same author. However, this time the story is about the really interesting and seemingly obnoxious character we caught only a glimpse of before; the president of an interior design company, and friend of the previous main characters, Sakaki Masahiko.


We would always like to think that we have control over ourselves, especially when it comes to our feelings. Of course, most of the times things don’t turn out exactly the way we want them to in that area. There are also those occasions when a conviction takes form on its own, completely ignoring the conscious mind, and you can find yourself wondering if there isn’t someone else sharing your inner boat. It can be a surprising, refreshing, or even dazzling feeling, to find oneself attracted to someone you are not supposed to; it can be a really bothersome issue too…which is exactly our the case for Sakaki. Continue reading

35 days of BL manga! – Day 19: A BL manga you would like to see a live-action drama of

Honestly, I don’t watch live-action dramas. I just thought I should pick a random BL for this day but then Arashi no Ato came to my mind. I would like to see this adapted only and only if there is a proper actor to interpret Sakaki.

The colored art is so beautiful

Okada just needs to be attractive, Sakaki needs the whole attitude. He is sexy, diligent, smart, successful and has an obsession with personal care&appearances. To top it all he has a difficult personality; he is blunt and pretty harsh sometimes, he doesn’t like to be attached, and he still manages to come out as such a sexy gay man (is it just me thinking this way?). Okada is also sexy, in a different way, but Arashi no Ato seems to be more focused in Sakaki, so it’s great that we have the opportunity to know him better in the sequel, Double Line. Why a drama about this manga?…Because I love it! hahah. No, seriously, this is a pretty simple story, not over-dramatic and without most of the BL cliches that we find around  (I don’t remember if there at least one right now). A gay, and very practical, man falls in love, against his strongest principle, with a straight one. Then we see him struggling to get out of the mess before it’s too late…he is angry about it, very angry, but things don’t go the way he wants them to. Somehow the story seemed pretty realistic to me, most of the time at least; it wouldn’t be that hard to make it a live-action and it’s not explicit either. I just want to see a real life Sakaki…! yeah!. Besides, suits always add sexiness, and don’t forget about Sakaki’s cool glasses please do more meganes sensei.