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35 days of BL manga! – Day 17: A BL manga that has art you don’t like but you still enjoyed it

thought about using The Man of Tango for this one, but nanpa went ahead of me here and talked about exactly the same reasons why I love it. Besides, now that I think about it I like Okadaya Tetsuzou’s art style more than Higashi Nishida’s.


He is such a twisted but alluring character


As a result my answer ended up being Tenshi no Uta, a manga that I absolutely adore even when the art style is not that appealing for me. What can I say? Higashi Nishida is a goddess too, and she has a gift for disturbed men it seems. Chris as scary as fascinating and sexy, so I can completely understand Michel’s interest in him. Chris is also like a child sometimes, very disturbing others. How can I not love  this twisted story? In fact I seem to love everything this mangaka creates, even if I couldn’t like her that much at first because of the art.