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Review: Dog Style

Teru Chiaki and Miki Terayama are high school students who belong to different years but, somehow, happen to constantly stumble upon each other in some pretty unusual situations. It’s not like they are fighting together; since the odds are against them, it’s more like they are running from danger together. Chiaki and Miki aren’t friends, so they are quite amused finding out that their very best friends are actually brothers. That aside, those very best friends are exactly the reason why these two feel so lonely as to not care if they have to share their hideout anymore.

Unexpectedly, Chiaki, the delinquent, and Miki, his promiscuous sempai, become buddies in the midst of danger and loneliness. They feel at ease with the other and their time together is the perfect scape from their difficult  situations. Soon, in what seems the most logical next step, their games take fooling around to the next step; Miki and Chiaki have become sex buddies.
This story is funny, a bit violent, sexy and sometimes a bit sad. Add to that the fact that this is an equally standing couple, with a manly uke and probably the shortest seme around; now we have the perfect recipe for an unique yaoi. Not only that, there is a fair amount of humor and some fights that throw a shounen feeling to the mix. This is indeed the perfect example of a good school delinquent’s yaoi; sometimes you are having so much fun that you might forget that there was a pretty steamy sex scene around the corner.
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