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35 days of BL manga! – Day 10: A BL mangaka you just can’t get yourself to like

There are several mangakas I just don’t like, but I wanted to talk about this one that I can’t get myself to like even when I think I should. I’m talking about Miyamoto Kano, in case you don’t recognize her art.

I love her colored art

I know that she makes great stories, with a lot of twists, some drama and really interesting characters. I even read the whole Rules universe..but I can’t come to really like her. There is something that bothers me with her stories and I can’t really put my finger on it. Sometimes I think they are too realistic for me. Other times I feel like they are mostly depressing. I can’t deny I want to know more about Ryuu in the Rules universe and while I’m expecting a conclusion to his story I also feel some dread; I know things aren’t going to be as I expected them, and strangely enough I don’t like that, not in her stories.