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Nitta Youka’s Kiss Ariki and my regrets

For a while I’ve been interested in the new efforts that Libre Publishing is making to bring manga to the English speaking community. You might already know that they created a branch called Animate U.S.A that handles this publications and, for now, they seem to be publishing only for the Kindle. There are already a number of old titles available on Amazon, and also other nice and shiny additions like Nitta Youka’s new works. These mangas are being published chapter by chapter, which is great, because the foreign readers can get their hands faster in the issues that are published on Japaneses magazines. On the other hand, the price is around 5$ each one, which is really bad.

It's good to see Nitta working again

Oh well, it’s Nitta Youka! let’s try it out. And so I went and bought Kiss Ariki chapter one. Honestly, the chapter itself was pretty nice, two yakuza’s sons get secluded in a solitary island in order to protect themselves from an upcoming underworld war. Tohru has a very though personality and isn’t really happy about having to spend so much time alone with Mutsumi when he could be helping his father. Mutsumi on the other hand is a very smart man that doesn’t want to get involved in the yakuza world, but he seems to be oddly interested in Tohru. Not exactly an impressive plot, but I quite enjoy the art-style and this mangaka is creating some interesting characters again. Continue reading

Review: Haru wo Daiteita [Embracing Love]

This time is Haru wo Daiteita’s turn, thanks a lot to bouenkyou that helped a lot with the review and made the beautiful art for this Special Read.

Even though I wasn’t a Youka Nitta fan; I picked up this title out of boredom, after putting it off for a long time, and I was blown away. Haru wo daite Ita begins with two actors, Iwaki and Katou, that are trying to make it to the big screen. Iwaki is quiet and humble, a strong man who is deeply ashamed of his past as an adult film actor. Katou, on the other side, is an arrogant and proud young actor who thinks of Iwaki as a rival in the adult film industry.

It’s only natural that, when they try for the same part, their competitive personalities clash against each other, turning the audition into a decisive war. To their greatest surprise, the director has different plans for their future and they end up working together on a project really different from usual. How much are they willing to bet for the sake of their dreams? Will their careers finally explode to stardom like they both expect?
Continue reading

35 days of BL manga! – Day 05: A BL manga you would recommend to everyone

Yep, another featured manga on the AGUY club. Well, when you say everyone I assume that we are talking about people that read BL (I can’t recommend BL to close friends or family), because this manga has its fair amount of explicitness and sex scenes. Hey! but that’s not the only reason why I recommend it.

Looking good

Haru wo Daiteita has everything a BL needs. The fact that it is a long series helps a lot! We have unrequited love, gay-only-for-you (lol), family problems, misunderstandings with third parties involved, moving together and marriage, all kind of positions :D, reversi couple (just great), outdoors experiences haha, a bit of drama and angst, lots of cute moments, funny moments, a bit of BDSM, non-con (not exactly rape) and other couples. Above all these two are really equally standing and strong-willed men :D.