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Guide for Yaoi Beginnners: Subtle introduction to Boy’s Love for different tastes

Whether you want to smoothly introduce a friend to the boy’s love genre or find an outstanding story to just test the waters, it’s better to start in the lower level. I don’t think many would appreciate the shock that a series like, for example, Finder might pose for a beginner. Honestly, I almost gave up on that story forever, but after some time I actually enjoyed it a lot.

The first step into BL is the fan-service for girls; Melinda Beasi has described these girl fantasies very well with a group of  popular titles. Now, if you want to turn the heat just a bit up there are several options that offer a lot more than fan-service. The following titles are just about to cross the line towards shounen-ai. Let’s start with the first list. Continue reading

35 days of BL manga! – Day 23: The best long BL manga series

Oh yep, let’s change the subject to a brighter one. Hmm Haru wo Daiteita again? No, there is actually a looong title that I love more, even when it’s shounen-ai. That’s the amazing Silver Diamond. I want to read more and more about this so much!

They all are handsome...extra points for that!

The story is great and really interesting; a well played fantasy. The characters are well elaborated (and attractive ahem!). There are cute, sad, hilarious and dangerous moments. The art looks sort of calm and beautiful in its own way. Rakan is so cute and strong. Chigusa is the best male character ever (sigh), strong, mysterious, sweet, teasing and even a heart-breaker. And even Kou has place in my heart, such a playful, tiny cutesy of a snake.