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Review: Sangen Tonari no Tooi Hito

I stumbled upon this manga, like many times before, with rather low expectations. To my surprise this turned out to be the first of a series of great findings, really different to my previous reads, by the pen of Suzuki Tsuta.

The Guy Three Doors Down is the main story that revolves around a stoic and disconcertingly frank man, Mitsuya Kishimoto. Aside from the fact that Mitsuya is an adult, and has learned to smile more, things haven’t changed that much for him in the last ten years; every relationship has been a failure that has only granted him the coldhearted tag, and he doesn’t seem to care about anyone or anything in particular. Well, what nobody really knows is that Mitsuya is stuck, feelings-wise, on his teen days; the time when a stupid action drove away the only person that he has really loved, Noboru. After spending all this time regretting it, and selecting girls that look a lot like Noboru, Mitsuya has reached a point where he thinks that he is never going to be able to get over that old mistake. As to be expected from this objective and blunt person, he comes up with the logical conclusion, better give up and live with it, lacking love forever. Nevertheless, just when Mitsuya comes to this realization, he is faced again with the source of all his love problems, Noboru.
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35 days of BL manga! – Day 11: Two BL mangaka or authors you wish would do a collaboration

I just have to post my two favorite mangakas here hehe. Suzuki Tsuta and Yoneda Kou. I thought about several others but the thing is every mangaka has their own style; a collaboration is a difficult thing to do without losing their especial signature. For example, I would like to see Kyuugo‘s art everywhere, but the truth is I’m not sure if, say, a Higashi Nishida story would look good with that art hehe. You see, her art is ugly (no offense here) but it is her signature, her style, and it has become the perfect and most beautiful one for her stories ♥, you could say the same about Yoshinaga Fumi. Then, I’ll stick with my two favorite ones for a collaboration, because they are kind of similar. I can just picture a story with Suzuki Tsuta’s funny characters and fresh humor plus Yoneda Kou’s sexy/dangerous characters and the tension. Now that would be something! My craziest impossible wish would be that they combined the best points of each art style, but since that’s not possible I would love to see  either of them do the drawings!

35 days of BL manga! – Day 06: A BL manga you wish to see more of

Another difficult choice!! God, there are a bunch of stories that make me want to dig for more, for example Seven Days, The Man of Tango, Arashi no Ato can’t get enough of Sakaki, Don’t Stay Gold&Tadayoedo, the second story from Hand Which, Ikenai Otoko…and I picked up Akanai Tobira or The Door to the Closed Mind ( I love this name even in English). By the wya, I am talking about the title story; Suzuki Tsuta, you are torturing me with those one-shots that always leave me wanting more.

Both of them are sexy in their own way

Why did I choose this one? Well, thanks to the characters, especially Usui; he is probably the most alluring jerk I have seen around. Masuoka is great too, he might act so meek but he is truly lascivious. I have to listen to the drama cd again when I get some time! ^^
“You want this, inside you?” >>> this might cause a lot of fujoshis to swoon and melt, apparently. Probably the dirtiest story from our beloved Suzuki Tsuta.

35 days of BL manga! – Day 03: Your favorite work by your favorite mangaka

Another difficult choice, well…my favorite so far is Sangen Tonari no Tooi Hito but Merry Checker seems like it’s going to take the spot soon.

You could barely consider this a BL, since it feels more like Mitsuya’s story; it’s about his daily life and the reasons why he is a bundle of stagnant feelings in spite of his cold exterior. What I like the most of this is how the story is told, from Mitsuya’s point of view, in a way that makes you feel like you are in his shoes. Maybe this happens to me because I can identify with Mitsuya in a lot of areas, specially his bluntness and practical (much) view of life. I wrote an extensive review about this manga for the club too, where I explain why I think it is so good.

35 Days of BL Manga! – Day 02: your favorite BL mangaka

This one is so difficult, I have bunch of mangakas that I adore and tend to stalk their works xD. There is Nakamura Asumiko, Hidaka Shoko, Higashi Nishida, Motoni Modoru, Yamashita Tomoko,  Yoshinaga Fumi and several others. There are two that are special for me and  I can’t decide between them; Yoneda Kou and Suzuki Tsuta. But since I have to choose one it will be the mangaka that makes me the most excited when I see something new of her around: Suzuki Tsuta.

Her mangas are sexy and funny, the characters are great, there is a perfect amount of drama (just a bit) and she does some unexpected things sometimes. The stories are entertaining and  there is a special feel in her narration. Sex is not exactly her selling point, but when she wants, she can do pretty smutty things. Oh and also cute things (cute oyajis lol). Besides her characters are usually manly; sometimes you have no idea who is going to top/bottom ^^. I have to stop ranting! more about wonderful Suzuki Tsuta in a mangaka post for the aguy_yaoi community.