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Review: Finder No Hyouteki [Finder Series]

Finder No Hyouteki is about the freelancer photojournalist Takaba Akihito, a high-spirited young man that is always fighting to achieve his dreams, to find the shots that would prompt him to be a professional in the future. Akihito always tries his best with a positive mind, which is a really good quality, until it gets him too involved where he shouldn’t have been. His carelessness, while trying to catch politicians doing dirty businesses, almost got him murdered by one of the big shots of the underworld, Asami Ryuichi. However, in a display of even more of that careless behaviour he managed to scape from this dangerous man and the easy punishment.

Asami is not a man to joke with and when he finds a suitable prey to tame there are no means to escape from him; Akihito will get an even more humiliating punishment from the yakuza leader and thanks to his stubbornness he will never be able to get away from Asami’s grasp. If you don’t like BDSM things and violence or are strongly against rape, even if it is kind of “justified” in the plot, you should avoid this story. If that’s not the case welcome and enjoy the thrill!
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35 days of BL manga! – Day 15: A BL manga that you disliked at first but came to enjoy later on

Yes, I quite disliked Finder Series the first time I tried to read it. Truth is I was just starting to read BL at that time, so I wasn’t really prepared for what happens in the very first chapter of this story.

Instant thought: Sexy!!!

When my innocent mind (XD) saw all that abuse I felt a bit angry, because I had already seen a lot of those rape/love plots and this had somehow a more ruthless nature. I was kind of expecting Akihito to fall in love after that hahaha, and I didn’t stay to feel even angrier about the nature of rape in yaoi. I gave another chance to it only after I had read a lot of BLs and got used to the overuse of rape in the genre. This is not quite case for Finder Series, but even now that I like the series a lot (great sex, an interesting plot, no whiny uke ^^), I feel a bit of resentment about those details. In my opinion Akihito is strong but too forgiving ^^’ Not like he could do anything against Asami…