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Review: Koi Suru Boukun [The Tyrant Falls in Love]

Here we have a story about the goofy Morinaga who has been hopelessly in love, for 5 years, with his egotistical-violent-grumpy- homophobe sempai, Souichi…ahem!, yes, that is The Tyrant Falls in Love.

You might have seen lots of these stories, so, the conspicuous word here would be homophobe, this is not an euphemism, Souichi hates homosexuals deeply since his little brother was “taken” by one (figures, we have also a brother complex here). But isn’t is kind of strange that in spite of knowing about Morinaga’s crush on him he acts like that didn’t happen at all?

As expected, our poor (?) goofy guy feels that there is nothing more to lose and throws himself at what he thinks is his only life chance to do something with his yearning and he is going to grab onto it in any way he can. But wait a minute guys, there is nothing to be taken for granted here! You are going to get surprised and you are going to be driven by the humorous situations, until you slowly get a grasp of the character’s virtues and flaws, until you get to understand their lives, and that there is a lot more to them that adds complexity to the story. Continue reading