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Guide for Yaoi Beginnners: Subtle introduction to Boy’s Love for different tastes

Whether you want to smoothly introduce a friend to the boy’s love genre or find an outstanding story to just test the waters, it’s better to start in the lower level. I don’t think many would appreciate the shock that a series like, for example, Finder might pose for a beginner. Honestly, I almost gave up on that story forever, but after some time I actually enjoyed it a lot.

The first step into BL is the fan-service for girls; Melinda Beasi has described these girl fantasies very well with a group of  popular titles. Now, if you want to turn the heat just a bit up there are several options that offer a lot more than fan-service. The following titles are just about to cross the line towards shounen-ai. Let’s start with the first list. Continue reading

Fujoshi Baton

I received the baton from Fuuko and couldn’t say no haha. She was very convincing. And somehow these questions are way easier than the 35 days of BL meme that I still have to finish. Oh well, eventually I will…

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